About Us

dogAnnmarie, 49 – Loves to laugh.

Annmarie is a happily married mother of three (four counting Charlie – our new puppy!). A 1989 graphic design/advertising graduate of Central Michigan University, Annmarie loves doing yoga on the back patio and just about any kind of boot camp workout. She draws on her positivity through her faith and you often find her laughing at just about anything – especially predicaments the kids end up in. She thinks one of life’s best kept secrets is a cup of hot cocoa every night.

ericaErica, 20 – Just do it. 

Coffee addict, extrovert and busybody with a love for warm summer days and fluffy puppies, meet: Erica. Erica is a junior at Central Michigan University, studying Public Relations and Event Management. As an emerging adult, join Erica in her hilarious struggle to “adult” in today’s world. You’re in for lots of coffee talks, creative content that will keep you on your toes, and lots of funny “that would only happen to Erica” stories.

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