My Dream Company

If you are going to be a confident, forward-thinking, career-minded boss, you need goals. How do we set goals? We see something we like or want and aspire to manifest it within our own lives.

I honestly could not tell you how I discovered Bloguette’s (although I am about 98% sure it was through Instagram). But what I can tell you, is that I fell in love the second I discovered their website. From their Twitter to their Instagram to their website to every last piece of digital or tangible material…their brand was flawlessly cohesive.

The colors were bright, the layout was organized, the wording was personalized yet professional…after doing my research I realized this was my dream company. I had to work for them.

Bloguette’s is a start up company that aims to give bloggers/digital marketers the tools and resources to make a killing online. This is accomplished through hands on training and tools via workshops, webinars, stock photos and more.

The company was built from the ground up by Sakura Considine, Co-Founder and Creative Branding Director and Lorena Garcia, Co-Founder and Business Developer. Their team has expanded to host 13 employees (including two guard dogs!) and a plethora of interns.

bloguettes - staff.jpg
Sakura (left), Lorena (right)

Their office is in Phoenix, Arizona and is probably the most aesthetically pleasing office I have ever seen in my life. bloguettes studio.jpg

Naturally, as a student, I first looked for internships. They appeared to have an awesome internship program. I reached out to one of their marketing interns at the time, Reagan. I sent them a rather bold e-mail, telling them how badly I wanted to work for them and why I was the perfect fit. In retrospect, after analyzing and researching their brand – they probably didn’t appreciate my approach. But I definitely got my point across.

Reagan Wright – used to be a marketing intern, is now PR/Brand Outreach employee!

I absolutely fell in love with the different services Bloguette’s offered. For example, being an Event Management minor myself, I studied their events (like the Branding Workshop below) like it was my job, taking careful notes and learning new things along the way.

bloguettes event.jpg

Sadly, I found out that Bloguette’s only offers internships for school credit. Being a broke college student barely making it through college as it is, I couldn’t afford an unpaid internship. So I swallowed my pride and moved on to my next move. I hope to encounter these wonderful ladies one day, perhaps as collaborators or good friends.

I aspire to one day have my own company very similar to Bloguette’s. These girls work their butt’s off. I encourage you to check out their site and social media and see if their products are the answer to your digital marketing prayers.


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