My Summer Skincare Routine

Skincare has always been something I struggled with. Not so┬ámuch the “care” part. I wash, tone and moisturize my face religiously morning and night. My golden rule is to NEVER sleep with makeup on. And, I do my best to keep makeup wipes on me so I’m not wearing makeup during my workouts. The part I struggled with for a very long time, was figuring out what products were right for my skin.

My skin is very oily and very acne prone. I was medicated for a bit, but to be honest, I ran out of medicine back in April and haven’t been able to get into the dermatologist for a refill. So after experimenting with multiple product lines (Clean&Clear, Clinique, Olay just to name a few), I have found three products that seem to do the job.


One of the first things I do each morning is my skincare routine. I begin by wetting my face, and then taking a tiny bit of Herbalism and scrubbing my face with it. This helps oil control and blackheads, while cleaning the grub off my skin.

herbalism.pngPhoto credit: CurvyliciousME

I order mine offline. I usually get the 3.5oz for $15.95. Order yours here.

I then use my CeraVe moisturizer. It is a simple, fragrance free, drugstore moisturizer that works very well.

moisturizerIt’s about $10 and I pick mine up at Target! Get yours here.


First things first, I use Herbalism once again.

At night, I tone my face using Tea Tree Oil. This helps oily skin and it clears up acne crazy fast.


I buy the 3.3fl oz for $10.95. Get yours here.

I finish with the CeraVe moisturizer.

And that’s it! So far, I feel that this routine has worked pretty well for my skin. At least, it’s worked the best out of everything else. My skin isn’t perfect, but these products have helped maintain and keep the oil at bay.

What is your favorite skincare product? Tell me in the comments!







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