Sweet Summertime

By: Annmarie Statly

Well summer time is right around the corner – yay finally! Most of us count the days to this time of the year almost like a holiday. The sun is shining, temps are climbing and you don’t have to put on layer upon layer of clothing. That time of year where less is more!

Here are some steps to get summer ready in no time:

Get in Shape

We all want to look our best! If you haven’t been hitting the gym during the winter, it’s not too late. Some of my favorite workouts are TRX for great core conditioning. Checkout this video and add in walking several times a week and you’ll be showing off some toned gams in no time!

Celebrate the Sunshine

Find some summer recipes to help set the mood. We might not be flying to the Caribbean but who’s to say a fun poolside cocktail can’t mentally transport you to thinking about tranquil blue water and the sounds of the surf rushing up onto the beach. Try this one. 

Summertime Smooth

Make sure you exfoliate the dull, winter skin off your legs and arms and slather on some nice body lotion to make you skin glow and look radiant. Bath and Body has some amazing scents this time of year!

Poolside Reads

Make sure you buy a great summer time read! This is always a must. Find a book that is trivial, light reading purely to enjoy. Those of you out of school for the summer certainly deserve it and you stay at home mom’s that have your kids home for the summer certainly need an escape. As for the rest of us 9 to 5’ers, we may still be on the same schedule but let’s all be honest, summer time has everyone in a different mental mode and everyone just seems more laid back, relaxed and happier.

So enjoy these carefree days of summer cause they certainly go by way too fast!

Blessings Always!


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