My Blossoming Career

By: Annmarie Statly

It can seem comical all the curves and turns life throws your way. You can end up in a career you would have never imagined! Take this blog for instance, a year ago I had no idea I’d be doing this right now. I have had an opportunity to experience many different areas in my life – and I am so grateful for that. I have worked in graphic design/advertising, owned a business with my husband, been a stay-at-home mom, worked full-time, worked part-time and volunteered at schools – phew! This is part of what I find so awesome about life, there’s so much out there, go grab something and experience it!

Right at this moment, you might be in a job you really don’t care for – that’s okay. Take steps to find what you might like. During the process though, learn everything you can in the job you have. You just never know what you may need to use some day – maybe not tomorrow, next week or even next year but one day you might draw from it. It could be a technical skill or something as valuable as the skills you learn from working with difficult people.

That’s the beauty of life evolving, you never know where you’ll end up but you can be guaranteed you’ll draw on past experiences. All of these experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, will help you become a stronger, better person because of having gone through them.

So, keep a positive attitude no matter what you’re going through and remember this is NOT a waste of time. Keep striving to be the best you that you can be – because no one else can do it better!

Make it a great day,


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